30 Year Anniversary Announcement

30 YEARS and counting….

2018 is a milestone for Fazzari + Partners LLP as it is the 30th year of being in business.

Over the last three decades we have had the opportunity to be fortunate enough to work with awesome clients, business associates and our staff.  We have enjoyed being part of the vibrant and growing exponentially City of Vaughan.   Despite our location, our services have expanded substantially beyond the borders of Vaughan.  With all these parts coming together over time, we have grown to be well known and have become a full-service accounting Firm.

During this time, we have experienced many successes, through peer recognition, award nominations, and awards received from such esteemed institutions as the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce. Yet our goal is to see this milestone not just as an opportunity to look back, but as a springboard to leap forward; and that journey has already begun with the launch of Fazzari Valuations Inc. in 2017.

Our successes to date could not have been achieved without our family of clients.  Our successes would not have been possible without our dedicated staff working tirelessly to help us become the first-class Firm we are today. We would not be where we are today, 30 years later, without all of our friends and partners whom have been strong supporters for so many years.

So, on behalf of the partners of FP – Frank Fazzari, Angelo Viola, Carlo Viola, Jack Massarelli, Stephen Smalley, and Douglas Craig – thank you. Thank you for helping us achieve this milestone of 30 years in business, with many more on the horizon!