Regardless of your industry or the size of your business, Fazzari + Partners LLP will be instrumental in ensuring your financial reporting meets the requirements, standards and regulations that are constantly shifting and evolving. Drawing on our broad experience and our deep understanding of your business, we review your operations thoroughly, evaluate your accounting systems and controls, document all findings and prepare reports to management. Ultimately, you can rest assured that your organization’s financial position clearly, fairly and reliably reported with the utmost attention to detail and efficiency – enabling you to make the informed decisions that will help maximize the potential of your business.


An audit engagement offers a level of assurance that comes after an extensive process of analysis and review. In an audit engagement, Fazzari + Partners LLP accountants prepare financial statements for your organization with applicable notes, and ensure the financial statements are presented accurately, with adequate disclosure and in keeping with generally accepted accounting principles. We will also provide a summary of our evaluations, with recommendations, in a Management Letter.


Under a review engagement, a lower level of assurance is offered, as our accountants determine whether an organization’s financial statements are plausible through inquiry, analytical procedures and discussions with the client. After that process, we determine whether any additional adjustments may be required.


In a compilation engagement, our team compiles your organization’s financial statements based on the information you provide, but does not perform an audit. We issue a Notice to Reader report with the statements.

Special Purpose Reports

In a special purpose report engagement, we compile ad-hoc reports to provide assurance on financial information. Whether you are purchasing a new company, looking at a new investment, or require a review of payroll information, our team leverages their significant experience in tax and assurance across a wide range of industries to provide you with a complete and comprehensive report on your financial information.


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