Forensic Accounting

No business owner wants to believe that their employees may be stealing from them, yet statistics show that it happens all the time and that small businesses are the most vulnerable to this kind of threat. In fact, it is estimated that 75% of all employee theft goes undetected. However, the truth remains: if left undetected, fraud can cause significant damage. We can help.

The forensic accountants at Fazzari + Partners LLP specialize in setting up solid internal controls to eliminate opportunities for fraud and prevent wrongdoing. Our professionals can assist with:

  • Conducting internal control studies
  • Carrying out fraud examinations
  • Performing internal audits of high-risk areas
  • Working with clients to monitor non-financial measures

Investigative Accounting

In the event that our forensic experts detect wrongdoing within your organization, Fazzari + Partners LLP has knowledgeable personnel with the necessary experience to launch a timely investigation, determine the full extent of the fraud, prevent further loss, and prepare for litigation and recovery. We specialize in modern fraud detection and investigation techniques, and several of our team members have received extensive professional training to become Certified Fraud Examiners – a certification granted by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners after intensive study in the prevention, detection and deterrence of fraud.

Minority Shareholder Oppression Assistance

If you are a minority shareholder who believes you have been treated unfairly, Fazzari + Partners LLP can help. Our team brings significant experience in litigation support, valuation, audit, and forensic accounting, positioning us perfectly to work directly with you, your legal counsel, and the object company to protect your interests.

At Fazzari + Partners LLP we have a history of success in minority shareholder oppression cases. Working with us, you will have access to a highly trained, multidisciplinary, trustworthy team committing to protecting you and your interests. We are relentless and accommodating as required in hostile and friendly environments.


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