Our goal as tax practitioners is to help clients manage their tax matters in what has become an increasingly complex environment. Tax laws and regulations continue to be scrutinized and monitored by government. In light of these ongoing changes, effective tax planning is a critical component for every successful business and strategic professional advice helps ensure organizations have the insight and guidance needed to navigate through this increasingly complex landscape. Fazzari + Partners LLP provides comprehensive tax services including consulting, compliance, and dealing with tax authorities and has the in-depth knowledge and extensive experience necessary to address your issues and provide meaningful solutions.

Estate, Family Trust and Succession Planning

Given the aging population, succession and estate planning have gathered increasing attention from businesses and individuals. The major consideration is how will you take care of your loved ones and pass on growth of assets and businesses to future generations? With strategic tax planning that is integrated with business operations, an organization can minimize tax, split income and possibly multiple tax exemptions. This is precisely the type of added value Fazzari + Partners LLP provides. We take the time to understand your organization’s current situation and goals for the future. We work with you to identify the long term strategic solutions for both tax savings and planning.

Corporate Reorganizations and Creditor Proofing

Segregating business assets from your operating company is essential to protect them from potential creditors. Corporate reorganizations can accomplish this as well provide corporations with loss utilization strategies, income splitting channels and tax minimization opportunities.

Shareholder Agreements and Buyout/Acquisition Structures

Acquiring or selling a business can be challenging and the Shareholders Agreement is an important component of any sale or buyout transaction. The tax team at Fazzari + Partners LLP can provide financial, business and tax considerations involved when structuring these transactions whilst taking into account ongoing changes to tax legislation.

Corporate, Personal, Trust, Charity and Indirect Tax Compliance

The tax professionals at Fazzari + Partners LLP have decades of combined experience preparing and filing returns for corporations, individuals, not for profits, trusts, GST/HST and charities. The tax team will assess planning opportunities and maintain ongoing compliance and tax minimization and compensation strategies for you and your business.

Investment Tax Credits (SR&ED, Apprenticeship, etc.)

Maximize the tax credits available to your business by having our tax team help you identify the credits you qualify for and guide you through the application process.

Government Audits and Management of Disputes

Dealing with a government audit can be complicated and stressful. We can help take away the uncertainty by managing the process on your behalf and filing objections when necessary to appeal government findings in a timely and effective manner.

Other Tax Services

In addition to the areas listed above, clients rely on Fazzari + Partners LLP to deal with all of their tax matters, including payroll tax issues, U.S. and international tax questions. We also provide advice to non-resident businesses considering Canada as a destination for their goods and services.

List of compliance and planning services

  • Corporate and related tax compliance (Payroll, GST/ HST, etc.)
  • Personal tax return preparation
  • Trust tax return preparation
  • Corporate and personal tax planning
  • Corporate reorganizations and creditor proofing
  • Estate, family trust and succession planning
  • Shareholder agreements and buyout structures
  • Tax credit assistance (SR&ED, apprenticeship, etc.)
  • Representation to tax authorities and management of tax audits and disputes
  • Research of special tax issues
  • Not-for-profit and registered charities
  • Wealth management
  • U.S. Individual and Corporate tax return preparation

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